Introducing Ultimate EMR.
Sophisticated. Easy. Affordable.

Ultimate EMR started as a proprietary application in 1999 with one objective - to create a feature rich Electronic Medical Record that was both cutting edge and affordable to small medical practice providers. With the dramatic tide of interest in EMR's over the past 5 years hundreds of EMR's from the garage programmer to multi-billion dollar enterprises have flooded the industry. We witnessed this overwhelming influx and hoped it would curb the paradigm between the feature heavy, high cost systems and those that were low cost and bare-bones.

In 2003 our business model shifted. We collaborated with an advanced group of developers and changed our objective. We were to develop a Commercial Open Source Core EMR product that would break the paradigm and bring about a low cost and feature rich solution.

Ultimate EMR is a Core EMR.

We call ourselves a Core Electronic Medical Record because we have built a simple to use EMR that is rich in features and can be combined with many other products and tools. Our robust system and intuitive design separates us from the crowd.